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Enterprise Solutions

Statewide Mapping System

Oklahoma Maps is an interactive mapping system designed to help users find relevant state, county, and local information. Visitors can search up to three local resources at a time by zip code or county. Currently, Oklahoma Maps enables visitors to search for locations of Chambers of Commerce, Fire Stations, Health Care Facilities, Libraries, Police Stations, Post Offices, Schools, State Parks, Tag Agencies. Visitors can also view county information, state agency information, and view a list of other state maps available online.

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Statewide Agency Directory

Oklahoma Agency Directory allows visitors to OK.gov to easily search for state agencies by category, keyword, alphabetically, or by function of government. If an agency has a website, the user will be directed to that agency's website for more information.

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Statewide News Room

The statewide news release system allows agency staff to post news releases without the involvement of technical staff. News releases are aggregated at the state level and accessible from the OK.gov home page.

The newsroom contains a web-based administration piece that allows for posting on the system regardless of where or when a news release needs to be posted.

The OK.gov home page features an Newsroom section that is automatically updated every twenty minutes with the most recent news releases posted to the statewide system. This helps website visitors keep up-to-date with the latest news from state government.

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Statewide Calendar

Many state agencies use the statewide event calendar system provided by OK.gov. This system allows non-technical agency staff to post information on agency websites regarding meetings, conferences, training dates, and other upcoming agency events. OK.gov provides comprehensive training and documentation to ensure that new agencies are able to utilize the calendar.

Also, the system has a web-based administration piece that allows events to be added by any agency staff regardless of connectivity to the state-backbone network or office network. All that is needed is an Internet connection and login information. This is advantageous for many agency staff who work in the field, at remote sites, or at other off-site locations.

Events that are posted to the system appear in a statewide view that is accessible from the OK.gov home page.

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Statewide FAQs

Also similar to the tools above, the statewide FAQs page provides agency staff with the ability to post Frequently Asked Questions to their agency for public view on the statewide FAQs page. The hot topics and seasonal specific FAQs will be shown on the front page, but visitors to OK.gov can use the search bar located on the page to search for specific information.

Like the other two enterprise solutions, the FAQs contain a web-based administration piece that allows for posting of each question and answer.

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To request login information to these enterprise solutions, please contact OK.gov by visiting our Contact Page.

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