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Application Development

Once a state agency has expressed an interest in developing an online service, OK.gov  will assign a project manager who will help identify the project's high-level objectives and business/technical requirements. OK.gov project managers work closely with state agencies to plan, build and deploy agency applications and services to their intended audiences.

The Project Manager

The project manager is "the" individual with the responsibility for managing the project. To get results, the project manager must relate well to: the people to be managed, the tasks to be accomplished, the tools available, the organizational structure, and the organizational environment, including the customer/user community.

They know they must balance four elements of expectations - quality, schedule, cost and scope - at all times. OK.gov project managers use the following lifecycle to assist agencies in providing online services.

To see the OK.gov Project Lifecycle, please view this PDF

OK.gov Tech Talk

OK.gov provides application development and deployment for state agencies to assist in providing government services online. We develop in the PHP programming language and use an Oracle database for data warehousing. Linux is the primary operating system utilized for the portal systems, providing a cost effective and robust environment that has proven to be durable, flexible, and easy to maintain. 

The OK.gov team executes a complete software development life cycle (see PDF), from planning to implementation, and has recently updated the portal's infrastructure. This will accommodate a dual-tier testing and staging environment, to provide better control over the testing to production phases.

The OK.gov development team is comfortable interfacing with most databases, including, but not limited to: Oracle, mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and Postgres. The OK.gov team has experience in networking and security to provide a secure interface with legacy systems.

Backup Policy And Hosting Environment

OK.gov performs nightly tape backups of all applications and sites hosted on the portal. The tapes are stored in separate off-site locations, to provide for recovery even in the event of a total disaster. OK.gov also currently provides hosting for the state portal and over 80 government agencies. OK.gov serves more than 50 million hits per month, driving both static and dynamic content. OK.gov suggests that agencies host their public website on OK.gov's infrastructure, as it can provide sufficient bandwidth, processing speed, and security standards to allow effective and safe delivery of web content to the public. There is no additional cost to host an agency's website on the OK.gov infrastructure and it is required if the agency is using the CMS application.

OK.gov Security

To learn more about OK.gov's application development, please contact us by visiting our contact us page.

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